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Integrating The Internet Into The High School Curriculum

Westbrook High School
August 24, 2000 12:30-3:30


What's Out There?
Sorting and Judging

Using It in Classroom Creating and Communicating

Why Bother? 
Inventing and Solving Problems


A.  What's Out There (Guided Tour and Hands-On Exploration)

ASSIGNMENT:  Follow one of the next three links to access at least two sites that you  feel would be useful in enhancing a curriculum topic you currently cover in the fall.

     1.  Jot down a few ideas on how you would use each site to enhance your study.
     2.  Briefly review the Critical Evaluation Guide for Teachers for each site, noting
          components that are present or missing.

Be prepared to share your findings with others in your content area / grade level.

  • Topical Teaching Resources: Blue Web'n Search
  • Collaborative Projects: Telecollaboration Projects
  • Lesson Plans: Weekly Lesson Plans from Online Educator
  • Evaluating Sites:

  • Using the Critical Evaluation Guide for Teachers (in your handouts)
    • Online resources for students and teachers:
    B. What Can I Do With The Internet In My Classroom? (Guided Tour and Hands-On Exploration) ASSIGNMENT:  Choose a webquest from the list below that focuses on a particular content area you teach. Read through each section and consider if the activities could enhance student learning in your classroom.  Make note of particularly helpful ideas as well as trouble spots or areas you would need to adapt.

    Choose a topic of study you cover in the fall.  How might you begin to outline the steps of a Webquest to enhance your study?

    Webquests designed for High School Students
    Related Interactive Guided Activities:
    • Trackstar is an on-line interface that helps instructors organize and annotate Web sites (URLs) into lessons. The list of resources acts like a table of contents and remains visible throughout the lesson allowing the user/student to easily browse through the lesson and stay on track.   Best projects listed at Top Tracks.

    • URL:
    • Quia, short for Quintessential Instructional Archive, includes a huge directory of teacher-made quizzes as well as templates to create your own Internet-based interactive quizzes.  See activity list for index of formats.

    • URL:
    • SCORE (*Cyberguides) - CyberGuides are supplementary, standards-based, web-delivered units of instruction centered on core works of literature.  The guides are sorted by grade levels and include a category for Grades 9-12.

    • URL:
    D. Resources for Later Exploration