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Integrating Technology Into Your Curriculum: Critically Thinking About The Presidential Elections ... Beginning Teachers Program, SERC, May 12, 2000 
The Role of Technology in a Comprehensive Literacy Curriculum
Enfield Public School, Sept. 1, 2000
Using Webquests ... Somersville Grammar School, March 17, 2000
Creating Classroom Slide Shows with Microsoft Powerpoint ... 
East Hampton Middle School, March 24, 2000
Creating Emergent Literacy Books, LEARN, Old Lyme, Feb. 10, 2000
Using Inspiration In The Classroom
Salem Public Schools, November 2, 1999
Canterbury Middle School, January 14, 2000
Reading in the Content Area, LEARN, Feb. 22, 2000
ABC's of Using the Internet in PreK-3
LEARN, Old Lyme, October 26, 1999
LEARN, Old Lyme, March 6, 2000
Online Tools for Teachers 
LEARN, Old Lyme, October 12, 1999
Using Kid Pix Studio ... 
Southington Elementary School, August 31, 1999
Somersville Grammar School, April 14, 2000
Introduction to the Internet 
Using the Internet to Enhance Curriculum
Even Start Workshop, May 9, 2000
Web Toolboxes for Teachers 
Buckingham Elementary School, January - June , 2000
Using Search Engines with Children
Veterans Memorial School, February, 2000
Managing Instruction and Learning in a One-Computer Middle School Classroom
Teacher's Memorial Middle School, January, 2000
Designing Internet Projects for Elementary School
Uncas Elementary School, November-May, 2000
Internet Projects for Primary Elementary Students 
Buckingham Elementary School, January - June, 2000
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