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Integrating Technology Resources
Into Your Comprehensive Literacy Curriculum:
A Constructive & Practical Series for 2001-2002

A Series of Five Workshops for Teachers in Grades K-8
sponsored by SERC and presented by Julie Coiro

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Enhancing Components of Comprehensive Literacy Using the Internet in K-3

October 13, 2001 

Session Links
Search Engines
Web Design

Developing Comprehension Activities for Students in Grades 3-8 Using Online Tools

Series of 2 Sessions: 
December 4, 2001 and 
January 9, 2002

 Online Tools for Session Use
 More Online Tools and Databases
 Projects by  Participants

Host-A-Site Visit 
with Julie Coiro 
Harbor School, New London
Introduction to the Internet for Teachers
Fox Run Elementary School, Norwalk
Comprehensive Literacy and The Internet


Exploring & Evaluating Literacy Software for Students in PreK-Grade 3

January 29, 2002

To be constructed 

Empowering Struggling Readers in 
Grades 4-6 with Technology

March 21, 2002

 Research Grounded Practices
 Computer Supported Environments
 Inspiration and Anticipation Guides
One Classroom Computer
Online Literacy Connections
Literacy Software Support Tools

Other Resources
for Participants
WebCT Online Companion

View SERC Professional Development Series from 2000-2001 and  2002-2003