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Qualitative Reading Inventory (QRI 2)
Assessment of Prior Knowledge

A. Conceptual-Questions Task B. Prediction Task
What You Need:
Space to note student’s prediction can be found on examiner’s copy of each oral reading passage, directly under the Concept Questions.


1. to assess student’s familiarity with the topic of the selection
2. to prompt student to connect background knowledge to new text; to “get ready for reading”.
After administration of the concept-question task, the examiner may choose to administer the prediction task.

Examiner says “Given that the title of the passage is ______, and it includes the ideas ______, _______, and _______ (naming all the concepts within the questions), what do you think the passage will be about? I want you to guess or make a prediction about what you think the passage will be about.
 If the student simply restates the title, the examiner should provide a general probe for more information, like “What about _______ (whatever the student says)?”

 How to score results:
The student’s prediction is scored by counting the number of different idea statements the student predicts that are contained in the passage, either explicitly or implicitly.  Most students give only one or two statements in their predictions, so their score would typically be 2, 1 or 0.

What does this test tell us?

  • Often, the more ideas predicted about a passage prior to reading correlates to the level of familiarity and knowledge about the main ideas contained in the selection.  This score may also help the examiner to predict student’s comprehension level on the related passage (or provide explanation for difficulty in comprehension).
  • The skill of making predictions is learned and is subject to instruction.  This item could be used after instructional intervention has been provided in this area to further assess a student’s ability to activate background knowledge and make inferences about a passage.

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