About Julie Coiro
Empowering Readers and Writers in Grades K-3
with Technology Tools

Connecticut Reading Association Conference, October 26, 2001

Presenter: Julie Coiro, M. Ed. Literacy & Technology Specialist

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Many powerful electronic tools are now available for learners of all ages.  This session will provide an overview of children's software tools that can motivate young readers and writers while they are applying important literacy strategies.  Click on the items in the table below to learn more about each program and see examples of how primary grade students are using KidWorks Deluxe, Graph Club, Kidspiration, Kid Pix Studio, ClarisWorks for Kids and web design software like Netscape Composer to construct original responses to the books they've read.  Each lesson idea includes strategies for breaking down tasks into different center activities that integrate the various components of a comprehensive literacy classroom (e.g. shared reading, guided reading, independent reading, shared writing, guided writing and independent writing).  A few lessons include an idea for assessment of student work.
The Graph Club
Kid Works Deluxe
ClarisWorks for Kids
Kid Pix Studio
Netscape Composer