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Designing a webpage
            Designing a Classroom Web Page with Netscape Composer
This portion of today's session will walk you through the steps of designing a basic classroom web page.
   First, let's take a look at some examples of how other classes are using a web page to enhance their literacy curriculum.
  • Pocantico Hills School students create new bodies of knowledge to share with others.
  • The Gaines Gang keeps their kindergarten links organized by theme or month of the year.
  • Teachers in Murietta Valley keep their grade level book resources organized for Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3.
  • Comsewogue School uses their page for all their collaborative projects (This is where Susan Silverman lives!) 
  • West Elementary School students have created more impressive new web sites for others to visit and learn. 

Can you think of any ways that your class could interact with the rest of the world using a web page?

Give it a try...

You can design a web page! 

Your Task:

Use Netscape Composer (and the directions below) to create a beginning web site for your classroom that will foster your use of the Internet in your literacy instruction.  Think of a good title and insert a piece of clip art.  Set aside a place for teacher links and a place for student links.  Locate at least two "teacher" links (resources for your own reading) and at least three "student" links (for student's to practice or apply their literacy skills) from today's session that you would like to access from your classroom web site.  Create a link to each of these resources using the link button.  Email the file to your school so you can access it when you return to your classroom.  Once you're back in your classroom, you can save the page to your hard drive, make changes to it and use it anytime you want. 

See the example website to get some ideas.

The following directions are also included in your handouts.
Visit my website at LEARN for more comprehensive directions.