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Join us in exploring some of the magical and mythical legends and folklore from long ago and modern times.  The links below have been selected to assist your children as they explore the topics related to the topic their classroom has been assigned for the door projects.

You'll find links to lots of examples of each category of myth and legend and we've tried to provide links to pictures and appropriate graphics whenever possible, especially for children in kindergarten through grade 2.

There's much more here to visit than would be reasonable during your classroom time and you are encouraged to share the address of this web site with parents so that they can get involved and learn more with their children from home.

We've made every attempt to make sure that all links are safe and appropriate for elementary school children, but please realize that most of the pages link elsewhere and websites change often.  We highly recommend that adults join in the fun and explore alongside your children, reading difficult sections to them and helping them understand the incredible world of myths and legends.

You  may need to download particular software to run some of interactive links below.  Try the link first and if it tells you it won't run without a certain program, click on the appropriate one from the four choices below.

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Fantasy &
Around World
Grade 1
Fables &
Why Tales
Grade 2
Native Amer.
Grade 3
Grade 4
20th Century
Grade 5
Bunk Name: Flying Carpets
Images from Sony Wonderland
Fantasy Characters and Rhymes Fantasy Stories
  • Follow along with pictures as favorite stories are read online at (Beauty and the Beast, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Little Mermaid, Robin Hood, etc.).  Play a memory game, recreate puzzles or color your favorite character. 
  • Explore Sony Wonderland to hear stories read aloud, play games, enjoy a sing along, and more with lots of classic characters. 
  • Alphie's Online Fairy Tales has more favorites with a great audio companion; be patient while the sound's well worth the wait!
  • Visit National Geographic's Grimm Brothers and have an adult help you choose and read out loud many popular tales. Be careful...these are the original versions, and some are quite scary!

 Folklore From Around the World
Bunk Names: Unicorns and Dwarves 
First Grade 
Images from
Folklore from Around the World   Folklore from Around the World
  • Follow along with pictures as favorite stories are read online at (Beauty and the Beast, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Little Mermaid, Robin Hood, etc.).  Play a memory game, recreate puzzles or color your favorite character. 
  • Read a beautiful retelling of the Indonesian folktale Blooming Flower of Flores created by young children in Australia. 
  • Whootie's Children's Stories features many, many folktales and legends for parents and teachers to share.  Children can even draw their own picture as you read and have it published online. 
  • Folk Legends of Japan includes 15 tales with beautiful illustrations adapted by middle school students in Japan. 

Fables and Why Tales
Bunk Names: Jaguars, Falcons and Foxes
Second Grade 
Images from African Folktales
Aesop's Fables
  • Aesop lived almost three thousand years ago in Ancient Greece.  Read the traditional and modern versions of Aesop's Fables with graphics from the University of Massachusetts
  • Find more than 600 of the famous Aesop's Fables some of which you can listen to with RealAudio. 
  • Finally, read three very short Fables by Aesop from
  • Read some original fables written by third graders. 
Also Interesting  
Stories and Why Tales from Around the World

Native American Legends 
Bunk Names: Eagles, Coyotes, and Bears
Third Grade 
Images from Nisga'a Website 
Native American Folklore    Native American Mythology

Classical Myths & Legends
Bunk Names: Minotaurs, Greek Gods, and Flying Chariots
Fourth Grade 
Images from Mythology
Classical Myths & Legends   Mythology & the Constellations

20th Century Myths & Legends
Bunk Names: Yeti and Nessie
Fifth Grade 
Images from Easter Island and Sea Serpent Stamps
Mythical Landmarks & Regions
  • Tales from Camelot is an online book of Arthurian legends written and illustrated by a class of 9 and 10 year old children. Read all about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. 
  • Read some of Cornwall's Myths and Legends read some of Cornwall's mysterious legends about mermaids, faeries, standing stones, and ghosts!
  • Mystic Places includes great photos and facts about Easter Island, Nazca Lines and Stonehenge. 
  • Visit the Bermuda Triangle Thinkquest Junior website created by students. 
  • Learn more about the modern mystery of the Canadian Crop Circles
  • Mysteries from The Twilight Zone include Easter Island and the Bermuda Triangle

Fun For Everyone
Image from Kids Space
Games to Play   Folktales, Myths, Fantasy Stories and Legends Read Aloud 
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